Saturday, June 12, 2010

Aviation Express

At Chennai Int'l Airport, we had decided to use Aviation Express's pre-paid cab to our hotel. We paid rs 450 at the counter and went outside to the car. However, there were many cars outside but we weren't taken in any car saying that "our car hadn't arrived" although there were at least 5-6 cars outside. We were waiting for around 20 minutes in the bad heat. When we did get in the cab, we told the driver the hotel's name very clearly. He took us to the wrong hotel. And, he wasn't even prepared to ask people on the road to where the hotel was. The hotel is pretty known, the Park Chennai. He then went around, taking a city tour! We had to try to tell him where to go and a Chennai native didn't! I would advice you guys to get a fair idea of your hotel before/if using this agency.

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